Are you passionate about soccer? Are you looking to engage with Canmore’s community in a volunteer capacity? If so, Canmore Minor Soccer Club is on the hunt for an Equipment Director.

Principle Duties – Specific to Role – Equipment Director: 

Overview: The Equipment Director manages and oversees all required sports equipment and uniforms. 

  • Determines the needs and prepares the purchase order of sports equipment and uniforms
  • Creates, establishes, maintains, and reconciles uniform and equipment inventories and oversees the maintenance of inventory records for the club.
  • Oversees uniform and equipment distribution and retrieval. 
  • Oversees the distribution and retrieval of goal posts to and from the fields.
  • Works with coaching staff to ensure that all uniforms and related apparel and equipment are maintained and returned in a clean and serviceable condition. 
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
  • Stores and packs sporting equipment appropriately when not in use. 
  • Communication, organization and coordination skills are an asset for this role.  
  • There may be moderate physical activity required in the organizing of the equipment area and in making the necessary storage arrangements throughout the season.

Time Commitment:

  • Five to ten hours per month
  • Ability to attend monthly board meeting

If you are interested in the position send an email to

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