Development U8 - U12+

Skill progression, foundations of team play and positions on the pitch are the focus.

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Where and When?

The schedule is as follows :

U8/9 5-6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at ERS school field
U10/11 Tuesdays and Thursdays - time and field TBD
U12 and older Tuesdays and Thursdays - time and field TBD

Required Items

Shin pads are mandatory, soccer cleats are recommended but not mandatory.
Volunteer coaches are required, if you are able to volunteer please email

What ?

There will be 3 age groups in the Development Program – U8/U9 (born in 2012-2011), U10/U11 (born in 2010-2009), U12 and older (born in 2008 and older).

These age groups meet twice a week in Spring for 8 weeks. The season starts week commencing Monday, May 4, 2020, the final week of play is week commencing Monday, June 22, 2020. There will be both practices and scrimmages, with the emphasis on scrimmages increasing as players get older.

Scrimmages should not be viewed as competitive and all players should be encouraged and given the opportunity to try a variety of positions, including goalkeeper.

These numbers are subject to change based on the number of players per team. If one team has fewer than the requisite number of players at the start of a scrimmage, the other team will reduce its numbers accordingly in order to ensure an evenly-matched game (this is preferable to one team giving the other one or more of its players).

Scrimmages will be refereed by young players from the club who have taken a short refereeing course. For many, this will be their first experience of refereeing. Coaches and players should respect this and not try to put undue pressure on our younger referees. In U8/9 there will be no offside rule and the referee should take time to explain to the players the reason for any fouls. Players will be allowed to kick the ball in to play in place of a throw-in. There will be no league standings for this age group.