Development U4 - U7

These age groups; U4, U5, U6 & U7. Age group is determined by year of birth. U4-U7 participants practice once per week. U4-U5 participants have 45min practices and U6-U7 have 60min practices. All groups are run with 1 coach to 5 participants. The goal of this program is first and foremost FUN!  Players will be involved in activities that help develop physical literacy as well as soccer skills.  At the younger ages, it is imperative that the players feel comfortable with a soccer ball in the soccer environment,  and develop strong balance and agility.  Soccer is merely the medium in which these skills are introduced.

Occasionally and for a limited amount of time, the focus will be on a mini-game environment.  The goal is not to develop positions or the competitiveness of the game setting.  It is to enjoy the basic game itself.

Players begin to gain familiarity with the sport and learn basic ball-handling and passing skills by U7. There is no official league play with a set game schedule or standings.  Again, the key to this age group is FUN and physical literacy.

The focus of this program is physical literacy and how it relates to the game!

Required Items

Shin pads are mandatory, soccer cleats are recommended but not mandatory.
Volunteer coaches are required, if you are able to volunteer please email

Where and When?

The Fall 2022 season starts on Tuesday, September 13 2022 and ends on Thursday, October 6 2022. The program runs for 4 weeks. All practices are at Millennium field.
The schedule is as follows :

U4 4:15 - 5 pm Tuesdays
U5 4:15 - 5 pm Thursdays
U6 4:15 - 5:15 pm Tuesdays
U7 4 15- 5:15 pm Thursdays

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